SortPro Glass

The Sort Pro Glass system is the industry’s only dry cleaning solution for sorting, brushing & vacuuming, and stacking plastic corrugated separator sheets used in the bottle industry. It has been developed over many years in conjunction with the world’s largest beer and beverage fillers. It is the only dry brush and vacuum system in the industry to be approved by top quality control personnel at some of the U.S.’s leading beer fillers.

Features / Components

  • conveyor
  • cleaning head
  • anti-static system
  • vacuum system
  • stacking bin
  • electronic controls for automated operations

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The operator inverts an individual sheets allowing for loose particles to fall into the collection tray. The operator then places the individual sheet on the conveyor to be fed into the cleaning head. The cleaning head contains brushes mounted in a vacuum chamber for cleaning the sheets on top and bottom. The anti-static system consists of two stages; the first stage prior to the cleaning head assists in debris removal; and the second stage just after the cleaning head further reduces static charges which results in increased sheet performance at the can palletizers. The vacuum has a two stage filter and collection bin where dirt and debris is deposited. After passing through the cleaning head the sheets are fed into a close tolerance stacking bin with an integrated scissor lift. As the stack of sheets builds up in the bin the scissor lift automatically indexes until the desired number of sheets is reached. When the number of sheets is reached the automatic controls lower the scissor lift so the cleaned stack of sheets can be removed. The system makes a pallet of cleaned sheets that is uniformly square and ready to be reintroduced into the bottle manufacturers palletizing operation without further processing.

Efficiency & Durability

The Sort Pro Glass System is designed to run in excess of 30 sheets per minute. The actual throughput will depend on the speed of the operator. Typical operator speeds have been documented in the 18-20 sheets per minute range.

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