Sort Pro Sorting Services

Packaging Materials Sorting

Professional sorting of layer separator sheets, pallets and top frames used in bulk container transport is the foundation of our services.

The focal point of this service is our 100% double sided, single sheet inspection. Each and every sheet is first visually inspected on one side, the sheet is then flipped over and the other side of the sheet is visually inspected. We inspect to our customers criteria for good serviceable sheets. Sheets which do not meet the established criteria are sorted out. If the sheet passes inspection it is released to be cleaned and stacked using the SortPro™ system.

We inspect pallets and top frames to insure they too meet our customer’s criteria for serviceability. Inspection criteria typically includes structural integrity and cleanliness. The pallet inspection process also includes checking for and removal of objects trapped between the pallet decks.

We know, based on our can manufacturing experience, that not all palletizers are created equal. This being the case sheets and top frames are stacked to the specific requirements of the host plant.

Packaging Material Reporting (ICRTS)

The Individual Customer Return Tracking System  (ICRTS’s) is a standard feature of our sorting services. These reports detail packaging material returns from your customers. Each entry on the report lists the customer, location, date of return, bill of lading number, carrier, condition of the shipment, as well as specific details on the type of materials returned, their condition, quantities reported by the customer, quantities received by our sorting center personnel, and the difference in quantities.

The reports have proven to be a valuable tool for use in identifying problem returns and taking corrective actions to insure that your materials are being handled properly. Reports are issued on a weekly and monthly basis with custom reports available at any time upon request. There is no additional charge for any of the reports, they are included in our service for free.

Additional Value-Added Services

  • Wet Sheet Drying & Sticker Removal
  • Warehousing
  • Cans & Ends
  • Misc. Equipment & Crates
  • Cross Docking